Paci or Teether? Get Both with Our Innovative 2-in-1 Design for Newborns and Toddlers

Hi Guys! I wanted to give my readers one of the first opportunities to check out my new product PaciTeether™!

PaciTeether™ provides the functions of both a pacifier and a teether in one, making the regular pacifier obsolete. It is recommended for ages birth to toddler. A lot of new parents don’t realize that their baby can begin teething as early as birth and some are even born with teeth already! With this in mind, we designed PaciTeether™ to be hands free for newborns and to handle all teething stages as it targets ALL teeth, not just molars or incisors. PaciTeether™ is a premium product by the original patent holder and is the only product on the market today with a shield plate that is molded and manufactured in one piece. No assembling parts minimize choking hazards, making us clearly the safer choice for your little one. PaciTeether™ is made in 100% infant safe USA food grade silicone and we left out all the phthalates and BPA’s, too! PaciTeether™ is recommended by mothers, dentists, pediatricians and autism specialists for autistic children and can also be used to prevent teeth grinding. Order today to see why we’re “Pioneering a teething revolution…”


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